Why I love Borough Market

Most Londoner’s have a love/hate relationship with Borough Market. On a Saturday it’s rammed full of tourists. But if you’re a foodie like me, there’s nothing quite like it.

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest fruit and veg markets. It’s been around since the 11th century. It’s got every type of food and drink you could possibly dream of… grocers, bakers, deli shops, and most importantly street food stalls. From the classic fish mongers, right up to modern trends exploding onto the screen like wheat grass juice bars. So no matter what type of food tickles your fancy, there’s something here for you.

It’s on London’s South Bank  and just a stones throw away from the Shard. We dived off the tube at London Bridge, so conveniently close to the market and with an exit onto brilliant views over the Thames and The City, that in itself is worth a trip. The skyline over London is changing rapidly and every day seems to bring a breath taking new view.


My boyfriend and I decided to go to soak up the first sunny day of the year and fill our bellies with decent quality food. You definitely need to come here with an empty stomach. As he is originally from up North and has never been before, I thought it would be a lovely day out.

We entered the market under the railway bridge and you can hear the trains rattling overhead, the store holders somehow manage to make their voices heard over the din and entice you in with free samples. We wandered around tasting bits and pieces of cheese and chocolate trying to stop ourselves buying everything. You will really need either a big wallet or strong inhibitions for your trip here.


You have to try Scotchtails who produce these incredible artisan Scotch eggs, and  they are well worth queuing around the block for. They have the perfect amount of egg to meat ratio with a crispy edge. We washed them down with pint of New Forest Cider whilst on the look out for our next dish.


We finally decided to get Paella from Cafe Brood and walked along the Thames Path, leaving a trail of rice and the incredible atmosphere of Borough Market behind us. There’s rarely an occasion where I’m not craving Spanish food, and this really hit the spot.


If you ever find yourself in London with time to spare and an empty stomach, spending a few hours in Borough Market is definitely worth it.





5 thoughts on “Why I love Borough Market

  1. I love all of your suggestions of places to visit in London! I’d love to see a post where you talk about all of your favorite healthy cafes to go to x


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