Gym to Work Essentials

Having a full time job, keeping fit, eating well and balancing a social life is tough, so these days the perfect bag needs to be able to do it all.  You want something stylish which can carry all your workout necessities, and something which can transition easily from the gym, the the office, and to the cocktail bar after work.

This bag from Lululemon and this one from Active in Style definitely make my top two. They’re sleek and can easily blend into any setting. I am a huge fan however of my bright pink Nike bag which Scott got me for Christmas.

These are the things I always keep in my bag so that I’m prepared for any situation. This list will save you during in those early mornings when you only have a few minutes to pull it together:

  1. Hair ties: Because there’s nothing worse having your hair tie break on you mid-run
  2. Headphones: As cardio is unbearable without music or a decent podcast.
  3. iPod or iPhone holder: RIP to my iPhone which I gave boob-sweat damage to
  4. Socks: Working out without socks is both gross and uncomfortable
  5. Plasters: A must have if you run during your lunch break and wear heels at the office
  6. Waterbottle: Because noone likes using the water fountain
  7. Make-up remover: Your skin will thank for you this
  8. Deodorant: Noone at work will appreciate your fresh from the gym scent
  9. Dry Shampoo: For when there’s no time to wash your hair because you just had to do those extra 3 sets
  10. Healthy snacks: Because food, I always carry a pack of nuts around with me.



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