Basking in the Sun at Dinerama

Summer is just around the corner and with it brings the enticing prospect of eating outdoors. In foresight the idea is wonderful, but in reality you’re shooing away wasps and eating burnt, charcoal tasting  chicken. Enter Dinerama.

It’s a day-to-night street food market in Shoreditch and is opened four days a week. It’s a foodies paradise and is home to the likes of Smokestak, Breddos, BBQ Lab and Yum Bun.

I kicked things off at the Big Bar with the girls from work and with a couple of trouble makers in hand we headed straight to the Cheeky Italian. I went for the Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese. You may think this perfect dish doesn’t need any extra ingredients, but I’m afraid to say that you are wrong. The addition of crab just works and you just have to try this heavenly pasta pot.


Next I went to Yum Bun and oh my, these were so good. The buns are fluffy and soft, and filled with tender, salty pork belly. I wolfed them down so quickly that I forgot to take a photo, whoops.

By this point I was nicely filling up, but still wanted more. I headed to Duck ‘n’ roll and ordered their crispy duck bites. They were served with a spicy plum sauce, which went perfectly with the little nuggets.


You Doughnut was by far the highlight of my trip to Dinerama. Esme couldn’t finish her portion so of course I just had to help her eat them. They were as light as air and were topped with salted caramel pieces and chocolate icecream.


Dinerama is a great place in London for a spot of dinner, especially if you can’t make your mind up about what you want.




Dinerama, 19 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ, nearest station Shoreditch Highstreet.



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