Why I’ll never take off my FitBit

Activity trackers are everywhere these days and I for one am a huge advocate. I’ve had the Polar FT4 for a couple of years prior and I wasn’t completely sold on it. I found the chest strap itchy and incredibility hard to wear with a sports bra. So when I landed my first real job after university I decided to treat myself to the FitBit Charge HR.

It’s incredibility small and uses wrist based PurePulse technology to track your heart rate, meaning you can wear it 24/7. It does more then just track your heart rate, it also monitors your steps, distance walked, calories burned and eaten, floors climbed, active minutes, and hours slept. Its smart track feature is brilliant which automatically recognises if you’re exercising and what type of activity you’re doing.

Your tracker syncs up to the FitBit App using bluetooth technology and you’re able to set goals for pretty much everything – to how much water you want to drink, to how much weight you want to lose, or how many steps to aim for in a day. It notifies you when you’ve reached these goals which is both motivating and encouraging.

One of the two things that I find slightly frustrating about it is that you can’t wear it in the pool as it’s not waterproof. I also still use My Fitness Pal to record my food and calorie intake as its got a much larger database and it’s easier to track your macros – you seamlessly sync this app with your FitBt though.

It’s made me very aware of how active I actually am. I no longer feel like a grandma when I’m in bed by 10pm because I’m shattered as I tend to average at 15,000 steps a day and a calorie burn of 2750.

I’ve been raving about my Charge HR so much that Scott brought me the Aria for Christmas – I think might be only girl who would get excited by receiving a scale as a gift. It allows me to accurately track my body fat and lean fat. It’s a bit off a faff to set up as you have to connect it for your WiFi but one you’re over that hurdle you’ll love it too.


Their customer service is great – My activity tracker started to come away from the wrist band and within two days they had replaced it free of charge. The FitBit family is definitely something you should invest in if you’re serious about  improving your health and fitness.

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