Learning Spanish and Eating at Barrica

As new year’s resolutions go, most of mine were pretty typical, learn a new language, lose weight, eat well – you know the drill.

I’ve been on numerous trips to Spain, but my skills only go as far as ‘Una copa de vino por favor?’ So in January I signed Scott and myself up for a weekly Spanish course near Tottenham Court Road. It’s so close to Fitzrovia and near one of our favourite tapas bar, Barrica, so serves as a perfect excuse to visit.

The place was quite packed at 9pm on a Wednesday, but luckily we snagged a table that opened up at the last minute. It’s a small restaurant and only has enough space for a few dozen covers so I’d highly recommend booking if you don’t want to sit on bar stool (which can be quite uncomfortable).


The space itself is smart and attractive, with a black and white titled floor and ochre walls. It’s got dim, moody lighting and has the obligatory pig legs hanging from the ceiling. The menu only fills a single side of A4 paper but there’s a lot of familiar choices.

Our meal started with some Padron Peppers which were fried and seasoned to perfection and set the tone for the rest of the meal.

barrica peppers

Next we had their chargrilled chicken which was served with a lemon and garlic dressing. The meat was really tender and soft, it was so simple but so good. We also had their pork shoulder which was arranged on a bed of sweet potato mash. Personally, I left the mash was lacking flavour, but the meat more then made up for it.

Barrica chicken


No tapas meal wouldn’t be complete without a plate of potatas bravas. The potatoes were crisp but floury, and weren’t too greasy or too dry. The tomato sauce had a smoky but spicy flavour coming through which was perfectly balanced with the alioli.

barrica potatoes

My only gripe with this place is the relatively small portions, but then it is tapas after all. Barrica stands up to the local competition, and I’m thrilled to have stumbled across it.


Barrica62 Goodge St, W1T 4NE


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