New Beginnings

I finally have my life together – well, kind of.

I’ve applied for countless of jobs, sprinted to interviews during my lunch breaks, sacked off nights out and dinner dates to talk to recruiters and go to meetings. And after all of that, I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally landed my first marketing position! I am officially Goodman Masson’s Marketing Assistant. Their London’s largest financial recruiter and they go above and beyond for both their employees and clients. They are bold and ambitious too, so I’m expecting life to get busy.

I’m smug as hell about it and I’m so chuffed I’ve managed to achieve it without doing an internship or any type of unpaid employment. I have however, worked my arse off to get here. I’m incredibility thankful to Hue & Cry for giving me a opportunity to showcase my marketing talents – as they pretty much gave me free rein with their internal events and social media accounts. My parents have also been a huge help in helping me fund my event management diploma, which I wouldn’t be able to afford without them.

So here’s to new beginnings over here at Active in London – and of course, no matter how busy life gets I’ll still be blogging, eating and working out.




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