Dinner Celebrations at the Duke of Cambridge

Last week, we went for dinner at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington – we being, my parents, my sister, my brother, all our other halves, and myself. We were there to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary. My parents are huge advocates of Riverford (the Devon farm and vegetable box company) and we’re been meaning to go for a while. I loved everything about it, from the copious amounts of wine and beer, to the chatter, and of course superb food.

Duke of Cambridge Pub

The short-ish menu is chalked up on a blackboard and is frequently adjusted day to day, according to availability and seasons. There are around half a dozen small plates and about the same number of large plates – always two vegetarian, two meat and two fish, a few side vegetables and a couple of puddings. We treated the small plates as starters and the large plates as main, or mix and match as all the dishes are perfect for sharing.

As we basically ordered the whole menu I won’t go into great explanation of each of the dishes and I’ll let the photos do the talking – but I will shout out a few which totally blew my mind and you should definitely order if you go. Firstly, the ‘live life on the veg’ platter went down a treat which was served beetroot – a crudite I have never thought of using before. The citrus cured salmon with topped with a  small salad and a dreamy mustard dressing was so tender and soft, and literally fell apart. The potato and beetroot curry was divine. Oh, and how can I forget about the angus featherblade steak?

duke of cambridge food 2Duke of Cambridge food

We were also wowed by the service – the staff were smart, friendly and knowledgeable, and nothing was too much trouble. Especially as we were quite a rowdy bunch.

Duke of Cambridge food 3duke of cambridge food 4

Vegetables and fruits are clearly at the heart of every dish and this only works if the ingredients themselves are fresh. It’s the perfect place for Londoners who are looking for an eco-friendly eatery.


Duke of Cambridge, 30 St Peter’s Street, N1 8JT


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