Active in Rome | How to Spend a Weekend in Rome on a Budget

I went to Rome last weekend, and I definitely learned that sometimes, spontaneity is best. For a meticulous planner like myself, the idea of not booking a hotel and flights at least 3 months before a trip is crazy. I like to have it all mapped out – where I’m going, where I’m going to stay, and most importantly, where I’m going to eat.

I tore up my rule book last and jumped on a last minute plane heading to Rome to visit Scott (as he is currently travelling around Europe). The flights cost a small fortune, so I had a tight budget for when I landed. Going to Rome with limited funds may seem like an almost impossible task but they are plenty of ways to enjoy its sight, without breaking the bank. Here is how I spent three glorious days in the capital of Italy..

Getting into the City

Before my trip began I read everywhere that taxis into the city are incredibility expensive and rip tourists off (shock). The buses are by far the cheapest way to go and will take you right to the main train station in Rome for €6.

Where to Stay 

Scott and I booked ourselves into a cute little apartment a stone-throw away from the Colosseum through Airbnb. The one thing I love about airbnb is that you usually have your own kitchen – meaning you can have a lot of your meals come at a faction of the cost because you’re not dinning out.

rome air bnb.jpg

Roma Pass – Is it worth it?

For €40 you’ll get free entry to 2 museum or archaeological sites of your choice and free use of the city’s public transport network.

Personally I don’t think it’s worth it. Firstly transport to and from the airports aren’t included so you’ll have to fork out for this separately. Secondly, Rome is best seen on foot – you’ll be amazed what you’ll see by simply wandering around. Scott and I didn’t actually go into any museums or archaeological sites, and most of the sites can be seen from a far. Scott, being a bit of a history buff, was my walking tour guide so I didn’t feel that I missed out on anything.

The Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Spainish Steps, Pantheon, and The Piazza Navona are some of Rome’s top attractions – not to mention they don’t cost a penny.

Trevi fountain.jpg


It can be extremely easy to get carried away when dinning out anywhere – especially in Rome. If you’re on a really tight budget, pack sandwiches in your rucksack for lunch. Scott and I found a couple of local sandwich shops and ate our lunch along the river.

If you love food like me, it’s really hard to strike the right balance (and this is usually where I blow all my money). Dinner is the one meal of the day where we decided to treat ourselves and even then we were careful to only spent €15 each. Cutting back on the alcohol really helped keep costs low.

One night we visited a restaurant near our apartment called Luzzi. If you’re looking for a cheap and tasty meal this is definitely the place to go, so it’s no surprise is popular with families and large groups.

And of course, when in Rome don’t deny yourself that ice-cream.

gelato rome.jpg


2 thoughts on “Active in Rome | How to Spend a Weekend in Rome on a Budget

  1. I totally agree that taking a taxi from the airport is ridiculously expensive. And I also don’t think the Roma pass is worth it.
    Great article! I hope you had an amazing weekend.


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