Pilates with a View at Coq D’Argent

It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m stood in the roof top garden of the Coq D’Argent with some of the girls from Goodman Masson. It’s near Bank, and the views over the City of London are stunning.

Over the summer Coq D’Argent have teamed up with Exercise in the City and are bringing and their workplace Pilates classes out of the office and on to their roof top garden.¬†¬†Pilates aims to strengthen your body with an particular emphasis on your core – and this type of workout is definitely something I don’t do enough of.

The class lasts an hour and was lead by Julia, who perfectly explained each move and gently moved our bodies into the correct position if we were doing it wrong. The moves used in Pilates may look simple, but they take a lot of control – it’s more then just doing a brunch of crunches, there’s a strong emphasis on technique.

It was a really nice change to my usual routine, and it’s the perfect place to soak up the morning sun.



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