London’s Best Cafes to Work in

I’m finding myself more and more wanting to get out of the house and work – I hate being coped up and get a lot of my inspiration sitting in coffee shops. I’m not disciplined enough to work from home without watching re-runs of Friends or taking a siesta.

I work full time in the city so I have to battle with the weekend crowd to score myself somewhere with ample table space, unlimited wifi, a low baby count and power sockets – and crucially somewhere which is totally okay with me nursing a cappuccino for a couple of hours…


Grind is one of my favourite places to work from as they have shops dotted all over London. I love coming here for *Saturday brunch, and without a doubt I always order their Avocado Toast with a side of Smoked Salmon. Albeit the music can be loud, I love the fact is a cafe-come-cocktail bar which means it’s the perfect place to meet friends in the evening.



This is one of my favourite coffee shops in North London, if you want a seat you’re going to have to get here early as there are only a handful of wooden tables. They also have a wonderful selection of own-baked cakes (usually carrot and banana, all made with wholemeal flour).


The Riding House Cafe

A stones throw away from Oxford Circus – The Riding House Cafe is the perfect sanctuary from the bustling shoppers but wait until the brunch crowd has left before setting up your temporary office. Get yourself one of their smoothies or juices, there so fresh and tasty.


The Book Club 

It’s not only a cafe as it turns into a bar in the evenings, so towards the evening it’s no place for a laptop – but it’s a great  little place if you’re an early riser as its doors open at 8am. Plus it’s always a perk when the food is reasonably priced.


Hubbard & Bell

When hunting for a place to work, hotels can be some of the best choices. Most now have brilliant cafes or restaurants attach to them, like The Hoxton Hotel with Hubbard & Bell. One of the biggest benefits of working in hotels is that you can be there for hours without getting any disapproving stares.





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