Run the River 10k

Last Sunday my sister and I took part in the Run the River 10k which was hosted by Edmonton Running Club. It’s an incredibly flat race around the Lea Valley  Reservoir, starting an finishing at the Lea Valley Athletics Centre.

It being my first ever timed race I made sure we arrived with plenty of time to spare. I won’t like – I found it tough and I never managed to quash the “I’m just going to stop now” voices. Around the 9km mark is where I started to really struggle and I didn’t realise you had to do a lap of the track near the Athletics Centre to finish. I was mentally done when I realised I still had that track left the run.


As soon as I finished, I forgot all about the struggle but that’s always the way, isn’t it? This race was a huge learning curve for me. Next time I’ll be pacing myself much better, I’ll pack Compeed and I’ll be practising road running a lot more.

And afterwards? Amy and I obviously had to replace all that lost energy so we headed to Tottenham Green Market and got ourselves a huge portion of Souvlaki.



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