10 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga

  1. You become one of those people who won’t shut up about your practice
  2. You develop muscles you never thought you had
  3. You’ll use any space to practice in – no matter how small
  4. Inversions used to scare you, but now you see how satisfying and challenging they can be
  5. You try to get everyone into yoga – even your dog
  6. Perfecting your vinyasa is at the top of your goals

  7. Your collection of to-and-from class shoes expands rapidly

  8. Other forms of physical activity now seem impossibly tedious
  9. You’ll start to spend loads of money on fancy yoga gear
  10. But sometimes, you really ARE just there for the savasana


I’m certainly no Yogi, but I’ve done a fair few classes now and I’m pretty familiar with many of the poses. I really started getting into Yoga after a summer series hosted at work and I’ve only properly started to understand it and learn how effective it can be.

At the start I was just trying my best to follow the teacher and copying everyone else, trying my best to get into the poses which all felt so weird – I was often leaving the class feeling like I didn’t work out but very relaxed. Now though, I really try to think about every part of my body when I’m getting into a pose, from lengthening, to how I should be holding my chest, to stretching out my arms. It’s only then that you get a proper sweat on, and really ache the next day.


One thought on “10 Things That Happen When You Get Into Yoga

  1. Loved your post! In fact, I think those things you have described are in common with the things of all mind&body practices, such as of Pilates (my personal love), mindfulness, body ballet classes etc… thanks for sharing your experience! Good luck!


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