Malty Street Market

Rarely a month that passes where I haven’t gone to a farmers market or sampled some street food and I refused to let the winter weather get in the way of this. Scott and I decided on an inpromptu adventure to Maltby Street Market in Beromendsey.


We jumped off the tube at Aldgate where we got caught in the throng of people heading across Tower Bridge Maltby Street Market is a foodie heaven which has swelled under the Victorian railway arches in Bermondesey.

It reminded of what Borough Market could have been like, long before it became a tourist hotspot (and it actually started as a alterntative to Borough Market). Maltby Street Market finds itself in a tight, crowded tunnel with street food vendors lined up and down the road, with cafes and bars poping up under the arches.


Wine, bread, cheese, pastries, salt beef, Greek specialities – it’s all here. Scott and I grabbed  a coffee from Coffee, mate? and wondered down the Ropewalk trying to decide with stall to purchase lunch from.


Scott decided only a German sausage would do, whereas I headed to WaffleOn and grabbed a buttermilk waffle topped with fried chicken, seriously delicious. You’ll be hard to find something you don’t like at Maltby Street.


Oh, and make sure to head to Dhan Waffle, which are an Taiwanese dessert and a combination of cake, doghnut and waffle. They’re cooked right before your eyes and can be topped with choices like vanialla custard, nutella, salted caramel and matcha which are served in an egg carton.


I know I’m always saying this, but if you’re in London, then you must go here – but I really do mean it! But it’s worth getting out of bed early for, as on a sunny day it will be rampacked.


Maltby Street Market, Ropewalk, London SE1 3PA

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