2017 New Years Resolutions

Thankgod 2016 is coming to an end – it’s been a pretty rough ride for the world, am i right? Whilst 2016 has been a pretty awosome year for me and instead of being sad that it’s over, I’m busy planning 2017 and setting my goals. In 2017, I will:

Complete dry January. In all honesty, I’m a bit cynical about the whole concept of going ‘dry’ for a month. I’m simply doing it to prove to myself that I can (expect I am giving myself a day or two off as I’m heading up to Nottingham to see one of my best friends as she has just come back from Australia). It’s so easy to say yes to free champagne at events or a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, and I’m egear to prove to myself that I can say no.

Master the downward facing dog. In 2016, one of my resolutions was to regually go to yoga classes, and whilst that goal was only really ticked off in September, I’m ready to master some of the poses. I want to be able to do the downward facing dog with both my heels flat on the floor.

Squat and deadline 70kg. I definately don’t push myself as hard as I could when weight training and I’m currently lifting about 30kg. I’m going to start by using dumbbells and doing a variation of each exercise at the beginning of every workout.

Run 10km under an hour. I ran my first 10km with my sister back in October and got a time of just over an hour. This year I really want to push that time down and I’m going to aim to do this by only having two running routes so I know what actually is a good time for that course. I’m also going to start to incorporate interval training at the gym so my body can learn to adapt to sudden bursts of speeds when I need it to during a race.


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