Lunching at Breddos Tacos

The street food movement has really changed the way Londoners eat out and we can really thank the genius’ behind places like Street Feast and Kerb for that. Street food market stalls often easily match the culinary standards of some restaurants, plus high quality cheap eats are always welcome in a city that’s expensive to live in.

These days street food vendors are increasingly making the transition to permanent premises and are becoming proper restaurants, and Breddos Tacos are one of the few who are selling their van and trading it in for proper plates and indoor toilets. Breddos Tacos first started out as a makeshift taco joint in a car park in Hackney, then for a while you could catch them at Street Feast, but these days they have permanent digs in Clerkenwell – just a block away from the office.


It’s a beautiful spot. There’s a long shared table in the middle of the room and a bar at the back which overlooks the kitchen. There’s potted plants everywhere, moodily dim lighting and hipster-ish decor. I went one Friday lunch time with some colleagues and it was mad busy, we were lucky to get our seats.


Now, Breddos Tacos isn’t traditional Mexican food and it doesn’t really even serve the kind of ingredients that you’d expect to find in a taco joint – let’s call them Brit-Mex? It’s fusion where flavour and spice is a huge focus, where the subtlest thing you’ll find to eat is the Baja fish taco served with pico de gallo and cabbage (which was my favourite dish on the menu). This place is not for spice wimps.


You can get yourself a taco filled with battered sweetbreads, and the crispy batter really managed to hold the offal well – but boy, it was spicy.

I loved the pillowy softness of the taco shells as they were moderately thick as well as fluffy and sturdy under the groaning weight of the generously proportioned fillings – albeit they are prone to alot of spillage.


We actually have to wait quite a while for our food, but they were fiercely apologetic and brought over a Queso Fundido. Which is basically a pot of melted cheese with chorizo at the bottom and can be scooped up with handmade crisps.


Breddos Tacos, 82 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7DB



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