Since finishing university I’ve developed a real taste for ale, and there’s one thing that spoils an evening at the pub for me, is when the only options for beer are Stellar, Fosters and Carlsberg. But we’re now living in a golden age of beer and nowadays in pubs across the UK, I can get ahold of a decent craft ale.

The struggle now, is trying to get the stuff at home, sure I can get my hands on BrewDog at my local Sainsburys, but after a while, I want to try something different – and that’s where Beer52 have stepped in. They’re a subscription based service and each month you receive eight beers, ferment magazine and a snack.

As well as being able to choose the number of beers you receive, you can also choose to have either a light or mixed box. I opted for the light box, which removes the dark beers and replaces them with lighter varieties.

The majority of the beers in last month’s box were from Danish brewer, Mikkeller. They are labelled as a ‘gypsy’ beer as they don’t operate in an official brewery, but instead, collaborate with other breweries to produce their beers. In my box, I received 6 beers brewed my Mikkeller:

  • Stick in the ear
  • I wish – Gluten free
  • Running Club
  • Henry Jagger
  • 19
  • Not just another wit

Beer52 costs £24 for 8 beers or £29 for 10 beers on a 4 weekly cycle, and it can be cancelled anytime. If you would like to know more about Beer52 or sign up to the service for yourself, do head over to their website.


Dry January | What do you drink?

Who else is doing Dry January then? 15 days in and I’m still going strong… Only 16 left!

I’m still cynical about the whole thing and I hate the concept of going on a ‘detox’, but I’m learning to embrace it. I know going one month sober has no impact on your body in the long run, but I’m simply doing it to prove to myself that I can. How hard is it to say no? Answer: very hard. 

I’ve been out for multiple dinners and skirted wine list and turned down the cocktail menu. And Scott’s got bottles and bottles of craft beer sitting in my room, which are happily staying shut.

My main struggle is the weekend, and what’s a Friday without a G&T? What do you drink when you go to pub with new work colleagues? Coke is almost as bad as alcohol, and a pint of sofa water doesn’t cut it. One of the main reasons for not giving up booze is that the alternatives are so unappealing! So, what am I drinking to get myself through the month?

Non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip Garden 108: It’s the second addition to the Seedlip family, who are on a mission to solve the ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ dilemma. Garden 108 is a blend of fresh herbal flavours of hay, pea, spearmint, rosemary, thyme and hop. It’s great served over bitter lemon and soda water. Did I mention it’s also sugar and calorie free? A real winner.


Non-alcholic beer, Nanny State, BrewDog: Mon-alcoholic beers remind me of summer holidays way back when, and it’s come along way in 10 years. Nanny State knock this non-alcoholic beer thing out of the park


Ginger Beer, Fever Tree: When I’m at the pub this month, you’ll find me with a ginger beer in hand, and you can usually find Fever Tree in almost every decent pub these days. It’s spicy and takes some getting used to, but be warned, the sugar content is quite high.


Mockito, Rocktails: You’re lucky if you can find a decent mocktail menu in any bar or restuarant and making them at home can be such a faff. Enter Rocktails, their Mockito is a mix of fresh lime, mint and yuzu (a Japanese grapefruit-like citrus fruit).


Virgin Bloody Mary, The Pickle House: I came across The Pickle House and Fink’s Salt and Sweet and instantly loved it. It’s perfect at brunch and is one of the few cocktails that is (almost) as good without the booze as it is with it.



Spicy Cola: Last week I headed to Breddos Tacos where they serve an incredible Mexican Cola, but if you want to get your hands on it you’ll have to head to their new restaurant in Clerkenwell. But if you want to try spicy cola and get your fix then try Fever Tree’s Madagascan Cola.




2017 New Years Resolutions

Thankgod 2016 is coming to an end – it’s been a pretty rough ride for the world, am i right? Whilst 2016 has been a pretty awosome year for me and instead of being sad that it’s over, I’m busy planning 2017 and setting my goals. In 2017, I will:

Complete dry January. In all honesty, I’m a bit cynical about the whole concept of going ‘dry’ for a month. I’m simply doing it to prove to myself that I can (expect I am giving myself a day or two off as I’m heading up to Nottingham to see one of my best friends as she has just come back from Australia). It’s so easy to say yes to free champagne at events or a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, and I’m egear to prove to myself that I can say no.

Master the downward facing dog. In 2016, one of my resolutions was to regually go to yoga classes, and whilst that goal was only really ticked off in September, I’m ready to master some of the poses. I want to be able to do the downward facing dog with both my heels flat on the floor.

Squat and deadline 70kg. I definately don’t push myself as hard as I could when weight training and I’m currently lifting about 30kg. I’m going to start by using dumbbells and doing a variation of each exercise at the beginning of every workout.

Run 10km under an hour. I ran my first 10km with my sister back in October and got a time of just over an hour. This year I really want to push that time down and I’m going to aim to do this by only having two running routes so I know what actually is a good time for that course. I’m also going to start to incorporate interval training at the gym so my body can learn to adapt to sudden bursts of speeds when I need it to during a race.


There’s no sugar in my coffee anymore!

I’m a zombie without coffee, and it usually takes a couple of cups to get me going in the morning – with warmed frothy milk and 2 spoons of sugar. And that’s just in the morning! I’m also a massive tea junkie, and will always have a mug on the go.

I track all my calories using My Fitness Pal, but I wasn’t logging how much added sugar I was consuming in my hot drinks, and I’ve been consuming so many empty calories.

Someone once told me it takes 3 weeks to kick a habit and for your taste buds to change. I won’t lie, it was tough (especially after the Christmas party and all you can think about it have a sugary coffee to get your through the day).

I didn’t go completely cold turkey, first I made the change to just using sweetener, and then from two spoons to only one. Then finally, this December I decided to get rid of it completely. Since cutting down sugar my skin has gotten notably clearer and I’m much more alert – no more 3pm crash for me!

Here are my top three tips if you’re considering doing the same:

  1. Drink loads of water and also stop drinking fizzy drinks, otherwise you’ll end up replacing your sugary hot drinks for those instead (which are just as bad!)
  2. When you cut out sugar you mind find yourself reaching for sugary cereals. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, I usually have Avocado on Toast or a bowl of Porridge.
  3. Use full-fat milk and dairy. The low-fat stuff is usually sweetened and has a lower levels of vitamins.

November Favourites

Is it just me or how is it almost Christmas?

And more importantly, where did the year go?

On the plus side, it’s now officially the countdown to Christmas! This year I said I’d make the majority of my Christmas presents…so I better get cracking. This next month is going to pass me by in a mulled-wine filehaze.

Time to get into the good stuff and delve into my favorites of the month…


1) Sweaty Betty, Long Sleeve Workout Top: Has anyone noticed how bitterly cold is it out at the moment? I feel like the wind goes right through me. This top has solved that, it’s snug yet breathable, plus it’s incredibly flattering.

2) Borderfields, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil: I can’t stop cooking with this and it adds an amazing nutty flavour to my food, AND it has just half the saturated fat of olive oil.

3) Twinings, Chai Spiced Tea: Since heading to Dishoom I can’t get enough of Chai Tea and this tea from Twinings means I can easily recreate it at work. It’s bold and spicy, and incredibly difficult to resist a second cup.

4) Gillette Fusion, ProSheild Chill: Yes, I am well aware this is a men’s product – but I have sworn by my ProGlide razor since I started shaving. I recently made with switch over and I’m not regretting it. I love it – it lubricates both before and after, which is perfect for my incredibly sensitive skin.

5) The Magician’s Guild, Trudi Canavan: I read fantasy a lot, and love the part of a fantasy book where you buy into the world – that moment when it feels familiar (as you understand the magical world) and unfamiliar (because hey, magic actually doesn’t exist).  The book starts off with slum’s ‘dwell’ Sonea discovering that she has magical powers after throwing a rock at a magician’s head. Hilariously, she knocks him out, but also sets the Magicians chasing after her.

6) Pull&Bear, Backpack: I hardly own any handbags. I have two bags, my gym bag and this backpack. I adore it – I love the mesh feature and it’s the perfect day-to-night bag. It’s just the right size and I can actually fit my makeup bag and trainers in here no problem.

What have you been loving this month? If you wrote a monthly fave post or filmed a favorites’ video this month, make sure you pop the link below for me to check out!

A Little Homeware Haul

I haven’t done this sort of post before at all, but if you know me then you know I’m always picking up bits and pieces for my house and I love watching and reading homeware hauls from other bloggers. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and get a bit of inspiration for your own home!

I’ve had the same bedding for absolutely ages now, so I thought it was time for a refresh. I stumbled across this bedding set whilst on the look out for something neutral and instantly fell in love. The print is subtle and it’s so comfy. It’s from Urban Outfitters and you can buy it here.

I’m loving the speckled look at the moment when it comes to crockery so I brought these plates from Habitat, both in turquoise and in light blue. If someone wants to help me complete the set by buying me the bowls and mugs, I wouldn’t object.


My mum purchased me a grey fluffy throw from Dunelm Mill to go with my bedding for those cold winter nights. It’s a bit pricey so it’s coming as one of my Christmas presents.

I also got this tealight holder in large from Oliver Bonas and I’m using it to hold my makeup brushes. I think it’s kidda cute and I love the lace-like detailing.


For someone who still lives with her parents I own an awful lot of kitchen things. I’ve recently been given a cupboard to store all my gadgets and utensils… It’s getting out of hand. I couldn’t resist getting this cake tin from Jamie Oliver’s new range, I simply adore the pastel blue colour of it.

I also picked up this penguin mug from John Lewis purely to take into work so I no longer have to suffer from drinking coffee out of a tiny teany cup.


I’m obsessed with succulents and cactus’ at the moment I picked up these adorable mini tealights from Tiger the other week. And they’re only £2, bargain.


Now back to my love for catcus’ – I also picked up jar with a cute cactus print on and both these mason jars from Tiger. I can’t wait to start making smoothies and milkshakes now.

homeware haul 5.jpg