Since finishing university I’ve developed a real taste for ale, and there’s one thing that spoils an evening at the pub for me, is when the only options for beer are Stellar, Fosters and Carlsberg. But we’re now living in a golden age of beer and nowadays in pubs across the UK, I can get ahold of a decent craft ale.

The struggle now, is trying to get the stuff at home, sure I can get my hands on BrewDog at my local Sainsburys, but after a while, I want to try something different – and that’s where Beer52 have stepped in. They’re a subscription based service and each month you receive eight beers, ferment magazine and a snack.

As well as being able to choose the number of beers you receive, you can also choose to have either a light or mixed box. I opted for the light box, which removes the dark beers and replaces them with lighter varieties.

The majority of the beers in last month’s box were from Danish brewer, Mikkeller. They are labelled as a ‘gypsy’ beer as they don’t operate in an official brewery, but instead, collaborate with other breweries to produce their beers. In my box, I received 6 beers brewed my Mikkeller:

  • Stick in the ear
  • I wish – Gluten free
  • Running Club
  • Henry Jagger
  • 19
  • Not just another wit

Beer52 costs £24 for 8 beers or £29 for 10 beers on a 4 weekly cycle, and it can be cancelled anytime. If you would like to know more about Beer52 or sign up to the service for yourself, do head over to their website.