November Favourites

Is it just me or how is it almost Christmas?

And more importantly, where did the year go?

On the plus side, it’s now officially the countdown to Christmas! This year I said I’d make the majority of my Christmas presents…so I better get cracking. This next month is going to pass me by in a mulled-wine filehaze.

Time to get into the good stuff and delve into my favorites of the month…


1) Sweaty Betty, Long Sleeve Workout Top: Has anyone noticed how bitterly cold is it out at the moment? I feel like the wind goes right through me. This top has solved that, it’s snug yet breathable, plus it’s incredibly flattering.

2) Borderfields, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil: I can’t stop cooking with this and it adds an amazing nutty flavour to my food, AND it has just half the saturated fat of olive oil.

3) Twinings, Chai Spiced Tea: Since heading to Dishoom I can’t get enough of Chai Tea and this tea from Twinings means I can easily recreate it at work. It’s bold and spicy, and incredibly difficult to resist a second cup.

4) Gillette Fusion, ProSheild Chill: Yes, I am well aware this is a men’s product – but I have sworn by my ProGlide razor since I started shaving. I recently made with switch over and I’m not regretting it. I love it – it lubricates both before and after, which is perfect for my incredibly sensitive skin.

5) The Magician’s Guild, Trudi Canavan: I read fantasy a lot, and love the part of a fantasy book where you buy into the world – that moment when it feels familiar (as you understand the magical world) and unfamiliar (because hey, magic actually doesn’t exist).  The book starts off with slum’s ‘dwell’ Sonea discovering that she has magical powers after throwing a rock at a magician’s head. Hilariously, she knocks him out, but also sets the Magicians chasing after her.

6) Pull&Bear, Backpack: I hardly own any handbags. I have two bags, my gym bag and this backpack. I adore it – I love the mesh feature and it’s the perfect day-to-night bag. It’s just the right size and I can actually fit my makeup bag and trainers in here no problem.

What have you been loving this month? If you wrote a monthly fave post or filmed a favorites’ video this month, make sure you pop the link below for me to check out!

How often should you replace your gym kit?

I usually try and go to the gym everyday on my way home from work – so this means lugging trainers, a water bottle, gym clothes, a padlock and makeup remover to and from work every single day.

Last Monday I got to work and realised I had left all my workout clothes at home, nightmare. Quality kit can be expensive and being the gym-freak I am, I couldn’t bear to miss a workout.

I hadn’t brought new sportswear since Christmas so during my lunch hour I quickly popped into Runners World, and purchased myself a new sports bra, vest and leggings.

Trying on loads of new lycra really got me thinking – how often should I replace my gym kit?

You need to start replacing your clothes when..

  • they start to feel loose,
  • when the moisture-wicking material just isn’t working like it used to,
  • and when the fabric thins too much.

Not replacing your kit can cause chafing or muscle strain (especially if you’re sports bra is worn and it’s not doing it’s job properly).

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, I really need to go through the majority of my kit and replace it!


Sports Bar, Lululemon

Leggings, Nike

Vest, Active in Style

Gym to Work Essentials

Having a full time job, keeping fit, eating well and balancing a social life is tough, so these days the perfect bag needs to be able to do it all.  You want something stylish which can carry all your workout necessities, and something which can transition easily from the gym, the the office, and to the cocktail bar after work.

This bag from Lululemon and this one from Active in Style definitely make my top two. They’re sleek and can easily blend into any setting. I am a huge fan however of my bright pink Nike bag which Scott got me for Christmas.

These are the things I always keep in my bag so that I’m prepared for any situation. This list will save you during in those early mornings when you only have a few minutes to pull it together:

  1. Hair ties: Because there’s nothing worse having your hair tie break on you mid-run
  2. Headphones: As cardio is unbearable without music or a decent podcast.
  3. iPod or iPhone holder: RIP to my iPhone which I gave boob-sweat damage to
  4. Socks: Working out without socks is both gross and uncomfortable
  5. Plasters: A must have if you run during your lunch break and wear heels at the office
  6. Waterbottle: Because noone likes using the water fountain
  7. Make-up remover: Your skin will thank for you this
  8. Deodorant: Noone at work will appreciate your fresh from the gym scent
  9. Dry Shampoo: For when there’s no time to wash your hair because you just had to do those extra 3 sets
  10. Healthy snacks: Because food, I always carry a pack of nuts around with me.