Meal Prep Sunday: What I’m Eating this Week

A lot of people at work constantly tell me how healthy I am, they’re right… sort of.  I don’t think I have a bad diet at all – but my biggest downfall is eating out. I’m a huge foodie and I just can’t say no to trying new dishes and restaurants. During the working day I try and control my diet by cutting out processed food. I’m a huge advocate of meal prepping all my lunches and snacks on a Sunday. One, it saves money. And two, it’s so much better for you!

meal prep

This week I’ve made two portions of turkey and feta meatballs by Joe Wicks and a cashew stir fry by Madeleine Shaw. On Fridays I then tend to treat myself to either sushi or pho.

I’m also really trying to up my protein intake so I’ll be starting to incorporate some protein powder into my diet and I’ll be trying out MyProtein’s range.

my protein

If you’re wondering what snacks I eat to help conquer my cravings, check out my previous post here.