Dry January | What do you drink?

Who else is doing Dry January then? 15 days in and I’m still going strong… Only 16 left!

I’m still cynical about the whole thing and I hate the concept of going on a ‘detox’, but I’m learning to embrace it. I know going one month sober has no impact on your body in the long run, but I’m simply doing it to prove to myself that I can. How hard is it to say no? Answer: very hard. 

I’ve been out for multiple dinners and skirted wine list and turned down the cocktail menu. And Scott’s got bottles and bottles of craft beer sitting in my room, which are happily staying shut.

My main struggle is the weekend, and what’s a Friday without a G&T? What do you drink when you go to pub with new work colleagues? Coke is almost as bad as alcohol, and a pint of sofa water doesn’t cut it. One of the main reasons for not giving up booze is that the alternatives are so unappealing! So, what am I drinking to get myself through the month?

Non-alcoholic spirit, Seedlip Garden 108: It’s the second addition to the Seedlip family, who are on a mission to solve the ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ dilemma. Garden 108 is a blend of fresh herbal flavours of hay, pea, spearmint, rosemary, thyme and hop. It’s great served over bitter lemon and soda water. Did I mention it’s also sugar and calorie free? A real winner.


Non-alcholic beer, Nanny State, BrewDog: Mon-alcoholic beers remind me of summer holidays way back when, and it’s come along way in 10 years. Nanny State knock this non-alcoholic beer thing out of the park


Ginger Beer, Fever Tree: When I’m at the pub this month, you’ll find me with a ginger beer in hand, and you can usually find Fever Tree in almost every decent pub these days. It’s spicy and takes some getting used to, but be warned, the sugar content is quite high.


Mockito, Rocktails: You’re lucky if you can find a decent mocktail menu in any bar or restuarant and making them at home can be such a faff. Enter Rocktails, their Mockito is a mix of fresh lime, mint and yuzu (a Japanese grapefruit-like citrus fruit).


Virgin Bloody Mary, The Pickle House: I came across The Pickle House and Fink’s Salt and Sweet and instantly loved it. It’s perfect at brunch and is one of the few cocktails that is (almost) as good without the booze as it is with it.



Spicy Cola: Last week I headed to Breddos Tacos where they serve an incredible Mexican Cola, but if you want to get your hands on it you’ll have to head to their new restaurant in Clerkenwell. But if you want to try spicy cola and get your fix then try Fever Tree’s Madagascan Cola.