Adidas Women’s Studio | Brick Lane

In London, decent gyms can cost a small fortune (and how I wish my local gym membership was cheaper) – but this year Adidas have launched their women’s only studio in Brick Lane. It’s completely FREE and they host weekly run clubs and classes. You just need to sign up via Facebook messenger and then you can pop along to any of their sessions. The schedule is announced and unlocked on a weekly basis, and then users can reserve spaces for all events.

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I’ve been going for a couple of weeks now and I’m becoming obsessed. So far I’ve been to a Barre class, HIIT workout, and this week I went to two yoga classes – I’m yet to sign up to any of their run clubs though!

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Given a 45 minute workout elsewhere in London can set you back £15 to £20, the Adidas Studio is a steal. The studio is located in a warehouse on Brick Lane, right opposite The Old Truman Brewery. It’s sleek and naturally-lit, with all white everything and potted plants.


There’s also a cafe on the ground floor, hosted by Bel-Air. Their prices are pretty reasonable and if you’re booked into a morning class, I can guarantee you that you’ll want a coffee afterwards to help you face the day.

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The barre class I attended was hosted by Aimee Victoria Long. Having never done barre before I was pretty nervous as my balance is terrible, but she made me feel at ease. It’s definitely something I want to do more of.

I also loved my HIIT session, which was run by Lisanne van Sonsbeek, a PT from Move your Frame. The workout was similar to my usual gym sessions, but toward the end of the class she paired us up and made us workout with another girl in the group. Which really pushed us to work even harder for the last 10 minutes.

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The studio is open until October and it’s definitely something to get involved in.

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Adidas Women’s Studio, 152 Brick Lane, London, E1 5EG

adidas studio brick lane



Run the River 10k

Last Sunday my sister and I took part in the Run the River 10k which was hosted by Edmonton Running Club. It’s an incredibly flat race around the Lea Valley  Reservoir, starting an finishing at the Lea Valley Athletics Centre.

It being my first ever timed race I made sure we arrived with plenty of time to spare. I won’t like – I found it tough and I never managed to quash the “I’m just going to stop now” voices. Around the 9km mark is where I started to really struggle and I didn’t realise you had to do a lap of the track near the Athletics Centre to finish. I was mentally done when I realised I still had that track left the run.


As soon as I finished, I forgot all about the struggle but that’s always the way, isn’t it? This race was a huge learning curve for me. Next time I’ll be pacing myself much better, I’ll pack Compeed and I’ll be practising road running a lot more.

And afterwards? Amy and I obviously had to replace all that lost energy so we headed to Tottenham Green Market and got ourselves a huge portion of Souvlaki.



5 Ways to Improve your Run

I’ve never been much of a runner, and to be honest, I’ve never really been into keeping fit and healthy until relativity recently. I embarked on my fitness journey about two years ago, when I joined the rowing club at university – and I only really joined it so I could get drunk every Wednesday with a sports team.  Since moving back to London keeping up with rowing has been impossible as a) the sport is ridiculously expensive, and b) I live no where near any rowing clubs.

So instead I’ve turned my attention to running and signed myself up to to Run the River in October – it’s a 10k course around The Lea Valley. My best 5k is around 27 minutes, but I’ve never pushed myself to run any longer than that – so this is going to be a challenge for me. I’ll be doing it with my sister so our competitive nature is bound to come out.

In the past whenever I seen to run I always get shin splints, and it’s definitely the pain (and fear of the pain) that’s put me off running in the past. Thankfully – with the help of this up coming race and a whole lot of positive energy and good advice, my mind and legs are back in the game. I’ve started to notice what makes a different between good and bad runs, so I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Fuel up

I’m not someone who functions on an empty stomach, and you’ll need something to fuel your legs before a long run. Even if it’s just a handful of nuts, try and get something in at least half an hour before you run. I usually have a banana or some almonds.

Lace up 

This is the advice anyone gives you when you first start running, and something I didn’t listen to and seriously regret it. Get yourself some decent trainers and get your gait tested. Trainers which fit you properly are so worth investing in and will prevent injury.

Listen to a good playlist

I can’t run without listening to a playlist and the idea of running without my headphones mortifies me. At the moment I’m listening to ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ and it’s ridiculously funny, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve gotten a stitch whilst running because I’ve been laughing too much.

Take your phone out of your sports bra 

The amount of times I’ve trained with my phone tucked into my sports bra is shameful. It restricts your movement and makes breathing more of a struggle too (not to mention it risks sweat damage to you phone – I’ve actually broken an iPhone this way). Invest in an arm strap and make sure it fits.


I can’t stress it this one enough – if you don’t stretch you’re body is going to hate you. This is something I need to get better at and the whole reason I’ve been suffering with my shins. Stretch 5 minutes before your run, and for 5 minutes after – you’ll thank me for it.

Your June Fitness Agenda

With summer just about the corner everyone is gearing up to get fit – and not because you need a ‘bikini body’ but you can chase those ice cream vans down the street.

You need to try these fitness classes – it’s so much better than being stuck inside a gym on a sunny day.

House of Voga 

A yoga class inspired by Madonna’s 80s hit ‘Vogue… Strike a Pose’ – It’s described as yoga was sass. Classes run on Saturdays from 4 June-17 September at King’s Cross Pond.

House of Voga

Secret London Runs: London’s Power Woman Week

Discover London and celebrate the amazing women who helped shaped it. It’s a 8km group running tour which takes place every day between 5th and 9th June.

Sunset Aquathlon Series 

It’s the first of four taking place in Hyde Park. You complete a 500m swim, then tackle a 5k run in Hyde Park. It’s on my bucket list to do a triathlon and this will act as a warm up, sign me up for the one in August.


Enormous Elephant Run

A fun fancy-dress run all about saving African Elephants – you can either run 5k, 10k or 15k on Clapham Common. The elephant suit is included in the fee, and all the money goes to saving these beautiful creators.

The Colour Run

You start the race alongside thousands of Color Runners start the day in a white t-shirt, getting covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colours at each kilometre of the course.


The Gherkin Challenge 

Take on the Gherkin and its 38 floors, you’ll be rewarded with a glass of champagne and spectacular views when you reach the top.